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Posted by Ted on April 09, 2002 at 16:17:26:

In Reply to: BBb vs. CC posted by Kyle Cabral on April 08, 2002 at 22:08:57:

I also played on a school-owned YBB-641 through high school, and used it to audition successfully at several universities. I was quite happy with it, for the most part, and I didn't understand why people on this board kept bashing them. Then I got by new B&S PT-6 last summer before leaving for university, and I haven't looked back. I had no idea how much the horn was holding me back and I'm twice the player I was a year ago.
Don't worry about fingerings: this is a minor issue. Everyone has done the switch, myself included. I was passable in a week and completely fluent, i.e. just as fast if not faster than BBb, in a month. As far as the range goes, the player makes the difference and not the horn. I did find that the register in which I could play high notes easier was extended by a full tone, as one would expect...but I couldn't actually play any higher than before. It was just easier to play high Bb's.
Similary, pedal tones depend on the horn and also your own skills. If you can play 'punctually' on a BBb than you can do it on a CC as well, just make sure you like the horn that you buy.
Bottom line, a tuba is a tuba unless you need the best quality (if, say, you planned on going to college for music and even pursuing a career in music), in which case you are mostly likely to find it in a CC. There simply aren't as many pro-quality BBb's out there, and most orchestral players use CCs.
Some final advice: get some real advice :). If you are taking private lessons, ask your teacher about horns and if possible have him come with you to try out horns. If you don't have a teacher than call the local professional tuba players and ask them for advice. Ask very nicely and they may even come with you to try out horns as well. In general as a young player you may find it difficult to judge the best horns, so it's always good to have a more developed ear with you.
Good luck

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