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Posted by JDD on April 09, 2002 at 16:10:11:

In Reply to: BBb vs. CC posted by Kyle Cabral on April 08, 2002 at 22:08:57:

Recently we purchased a tuba for my son who is also going to college. He talked with the prof at the college who recommended a CC 4/4 size and several brands. But he also recommended that my son try out different brands and find the one that he was most comfortable with playing. We did just that, and my son found that MANY of the tubas he tried were far superior to the Yamaha he played in high school. There were many he felt comfortable with, so we basically figured our budget and purchased the one that both fit the budget and he was comfortable with (we actually found several in our price range - around $5000). He also found that the fingerings for the 5 valves weren't too complicated, he has had it for a couple of weeks and is getting more comfortable with the fingerings each day. He practices every day, ranging from 20min to 1.5 hours. He is confident that he will be as fluid with this tuba as he was with the old one in a matter of a weeks.

My advice - talk to the prof of the college you plan to attend. Figure your budget. Try several horns around your budget range and pick the one that you feel best about. Don't be too worried about the fingering of the valves, practice will take care of that. Rather, choose which horn is the best physical fit and produces the best sound for YOU (that also fits YOUR budget)! Don't get too hung up on having the 'best horn'. Hirsbrunners are great horns, but not everyone can afford one - more important, MANY pro's use tubas other than Hirsbrunner! Also, don't discount getting a good used horn!

Ok, I'll step off the soap box now...

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