Re: Can someone help me with my trouble.

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Posted by Rob Bass on April 09, 2002 at 02:26:18:

In Reply to: Can someone help me with my trouble. posted by Chris Johnson on April 08, 2002 at 14:13:47:

Hey chris, glad to see you are paying attention and reading more TubeNet BBS is truly ammazing the things one can learn about your tuba playing. Even other important musical things about life in general. Spelling, History, Math, Science, or Biology in your case!!!! As I know there are some challenges in the Band program at your school. You need to continue to be as professional as you can, when you were sent to the office, just make it known you would perfer not to swap spit with the teacher by useing his dirty mouth peice. Because this was the first time you left your MP at home, you would elect to sit qiuetly and follow along in the music with the class. That way the director would not have to waste so much time on such a petty matter. Everybody some times forgets very important items, at least once in a life time?????? You remeber I went to Community Band Rehersal and my excuse for forgeting my tuba was " My mom forgot to put it in the car for me" and there was a good ammout of laughter amoung the band. I'm just 46 young and I'm still growing. Mr. Band director needs to lighten up and have fun with the band and make music, not enemys. I know its hard somtimes, but dont lash out, just be a pro and think ahead. You had every right not to swap spit with the teacher. The teacher can be more creative about little matters like this and should have give a alternitive and saved everybody the hassel. Just have a good explanation why you were sent to the office. The staff should be there to protect and help you. If not, I know your parents would be willing to have a meeting MR. Band teacher. YOU ARE A GOOD STUDENT!!!!! JUST ME

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