Audition Etiquette II - the other side

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Posted by student helper guy on April 08, 2002 at 21:00:30:

Much has already been discussed about how the player should behave at an audition. I now challenge the judges and all related staff to do the same. Case in point:

I attend a modest university with a school of music that enrolls a couple hundred students. We do not pretend to be on a conservatory level, but many of the students take it seriously and there is the opportunity to succeed if one chooses (several former tuba grads have gone on to Indiana U, for example).

This weekend, I was a student helper for our spring auditions. Several times, a faculty or staff member would attempt to go barging into the room where the audition panel was listening to a prospective student. Being the 'gatekeeper' I would attempt to stop them from opening the door until that audition was over. They thought nothing of just interrupting the middle of an audition to give whatever paper they had or tell whatever it was to one of the judges. This is completely unacceptable! The poor soul in there spent the last few years preparing for this and is on pins and needles and does not need someone opening the door and rushing up behind them at this pivotal point in their life. Perhaps the faculty need to observe the same courtesy expected of the students.

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