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Posted by Mary Ann on April 08, 2002 at 12:07:07:

In Reply to: MW 182 at Dillions posted by Brendan Bohnhorst on April 05, 2002 at 10:08:05:

OK, I'll compare those that I have played.

I had an older MW 46 on loan for a year; I could not get a low C and thereabouts out of it. A couple of people were able to. One of them, an F tuba player, sounded just fine; the other, who played a 4/4 Rudy, got a very discernable "burble", a sound that I would have said was the tuba fighting itself, producing beats of two C's against each other. The owner of the 46, a very fine orchestral BBb/CC player, couldn't play the C and said it didn't exist on that instrument.

I played a Yamaha 641 where the C played just like the rest of the tuba. But the whole thing sounded, to me, like a great big euphonium, and I didn't buy it despite the ease of playability.

I can get the C and thereabouts out of my 182, but I have some work to do, still, because they are weak. I was told by Cherry Beauregard that it takes about 2-3 months of work to be able to play F tubas, and then you have it forever. He said it was air. I think it is focused buzz, which requires air.

I like the extremely focused and intense sound of German rotary F tubas so much, that I am willing to do this three months of work in order to play that part of the range.

Friday, the somewhat weak Bb player in the brass band tried out my 182...he couldn't get those notes out of it, and offered the suggestion that perhaps my slides needed adjusting.

There's all the opinions I have.

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