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Posted by Klaus on April 08, 2002 at 10:13:13:

In Reply to: Boosey & Howeks EEb for sale posted by O.Matza on April 08, 2002 at 05:26:35:

Oran, I have sold very, very few instruments (all 5 locally), so I am no expert on that topic.

However I have bought a lot of instruments for schools, students, and of course for myself. I even have aquired experience in importing instruments from the US,from the UK, from Switzerland, and from Germany.

The lesson has been that over-head costs are prohibitive, when used instrument cross custom lines and currency exchanges. Not to speak of air-freight.

There only can be a very few reasons to trade used instruments internationally.

The instrument offered must be special and not available in the local marketplace of the buyer.

The seller must ask a price, that is low enough to motivate the seller to overcome the overhead costs.

You have just about all odds against you in making an international sale, that is profitable, or even fair, for you.

But living in a country with a population sized just about that of your country, where good tubas hardly are everyday stock in even good music shops, I think you should go for a sale in your own country.

As the interest for music is as widespread as it is in Israel, you should easily find netpages, musicians magazines, and nationwide advertisement papers, where you can announce your sale successfully. Maybe you should try a consignment sale through a reputed music shop.

Part of being successful as a seller is to be specific about the instrument put up for sale.

There are 4 or 5 current Boosey&Hawkes/Besson Eb 4 valve tuba models. I can remember at least 2 discontinued models that still are in widespread use.

All have their proponents, but prospective buyers should know exactly which model they are offered.

I have wittnessed one deal across the Atlantic going so sour, that it had to go back. Nobody were happy. Most certainly not the US buyer, who lost double shipping costs. (And no, I was not the seller only the interpreter in the return arrangements).

This posting not to ruin your sale, but to prevent some disapointments of yours.


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