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Posted by David (AT)CCM on April 07, 2002 at 18:52:52:

In Reply to: Ithaca or Cincinnati? posted by Frustrated Senior on April 06, 2002 at 08:55:09:

Hey, I just wanted to say congrats on acceptance to two fine schools. I am just completing my first year of undergrad studies at CCM with Tim. I really like it here and CCM is a great musical environment. Just a couple things that I will warn you about this University and City:

1.) The city around campus is really dirty. The neighborhood isn't that great either. I wake up some nights to gun fire. Luckily I have never seen the result of those shots.

2.) Money!!! Check out what is up with the Univ. of Cincinnati. First, realize that CCM is owned and controled by UC. The scholarships and tuition amounts are controlled by UC. So in my one year at CCM there has been a narrowly missed (by 3 days) strike of all faculty members. Also there have been THREE tuition increases since last year. Realize also that on March 23rd, without student representation because of spring break, the board of trustees approved a 9.5% tuition increase for next year.

Unless you are an in-state student, which I am not, or have a full ride which I know only happens to Grad students and violin players I would seriously look at the financial aspect of coming here to study. But DON'T get me wrong, Tim is fantastic and so is CCM in general, but most of us here wish we could sometimes get away from the control of UC.

Just my two cents. Email if you want to chat,
David Bridges

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